What you deserve just because you showed up to life
  Today, I don’t have the words. I have a lot of thoughts, but the words aren’t quite there yet. The blessing and the curse of the life of a writer.   When I don’t have the words, I read. I sift through all the authors that bring me joy. […]

What you deserve just because you showed up to life

The Art of Letting Go - by Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe
  We live in a world that encourages us to strive for more than what we have. We’re taught to set big, audacious goals. We create five year plans – we work, we do, we accomplish goal after goal – but something is missing.   In all this goal chasing […]

The Art of Letting Go

Period Time Off - The new PTO?
  It turns out the world is debating period time off, and I had no idea. As a body positive activist, I freakin’ love that periods are becoming mainstream. Periods, cycle tracking for birth control, period panties – I love it all. Then, I came across this article on Create […]

Is period time off the new PTO?

ModCloth proves bathing suits for all body types
Image Source: Daily Mail   Bathing suits for all body types – ModCloth, I love you.   The popular e-retailer, ModCloth just launched it’s new swimwear line revealing bathing suits for all body types. The swimwear is gorgeous. What’s even more gorgeous are the beauties sporting the swimsuits. The models […]

Bathing suits for all body types – This body positive ...

Love to dance? Body Love Dance Party.
  Are you one of those ladies who simply can’t resist a good dance party? You’re the first one out on the dance floor and the last one to leave. Beyonce’s Single Ladies comes on the speakers and, single or not, you’ve gotta bust a move so hard even Sasha […]

The Self-Love Dance Party – my new favorite way to ...

Journaling & Meditation, do I have to?!
  Journaling and meditation, do I have to?! I hear this question from clients all the time. The short answer, no. The long answer – yes, but not in the way that you think.   I get it, I resisted these practices, too, when I first began inviting mindfulness into […]

Journaling and Meditation, Do I have to?!