Let it Bleed - Thinx Period Panties Review
  The morning sun shining through my delicate sheer curtains warms my face as I awake. Like most other mornings, I rub my eyes, roll over, and try to savor a few more minutes of snugging in my bed. This morning was different, however. I no sooner rolled over to […]

Every Menstruating Woman Needs These Panties.

Body Love Retreat 2016
  As I cruised down the windy dirt road, I came upon the big red barn. Turn right at the big red barn read the driving directions. It didn’t take too long before I past the white farm house. I drove on, kicking up dust, knowing I was almost there. […]

The Body Love Retreat Round-Up

Wanderlust Roundup
  Have you ever been in a moment so magical you had to stop and ask yourself, “How is this real life?” You look around and wonder “How did I get so lucky to be alive participating in this incredible experience?”   I had one of those moments two weeks […]

Wanderlust Roundup – How will you be the spark that ...

What you deserve just because you showed up to life
  Today, I don’t have the words. I have a lot of thoughts, but the words aren’t quite there yet. The blessing and the curse of the life of a writer.   When I don’t have the words, I read. I sift through all the authors that bring me joy. […]

What you deserve just because you showed up to life

The Art of Letting Go - by Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe
  We live in a world that encourages us to strive for more than what we have. We’re taught to set big, audacious goals. We create five year plans – we work, we do, we accomplish goal after goal – but something is missing.   In all this goal chasing […]

The Art of Letting Go

Period Time Off - The new PTO?
  It turns out the world is debating period time off, and I had no idea. As a body positive activist, I freakin’ love that periods are becoming mainstream. Periods, cycle tracking for birth control, period panties – I love it all. Then, I came across this article on Create […]

Is period time off the new PTO?